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photos by laurent orseau

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photo by Geert Vandepoele

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photos by Laurent Orseau

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Jaki Liebezeit rest in peace

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Presenting his release on 16th February: Ben Bertrand is a Brussels-based bass clarinetist who evolved in the Belgian contemporary/classical scene. He imagined a device that enables him to transform the natural sound of his instrument into electronic ones, allowing him to create loops and orchestrations for solo performance. For his first EP, Era/Area (Off Records, February 2017), he arranged a collection of themes drawn from a wide range of places and ages – from a pygmy song to an ancient crusaders' melody dedicated to the lost Jerusalem passing by a Gavin Bryars's piece – merging them into a subtle, fascinating and hypnotic musical object.

  • Ben Bertrand

February 4th at les ateliers claus

we're glad to let you know we'll be hosting Baleine 3000 at les ateliers claus.

They'll reside at our venue, work on their upcoming concerts in the spring of 2017.

Their concert les ateliers claus will take place on March 11th


Playing les ateliers claus on February 4th

  • Grand Gala
  • The Scorpios
  • The Scorpios
  • The Scorpios
  • Julian Satorius
  • Julian Satorius