Popular demand conquers all: Tuxedomoon will be playing a second date at les ateliers claus. May 11th that is.
Presale for this concert has also started. Don't wait to grab your ticket.

We're happy to announce that Tuxedomoon will be in residency at les ateliers claus. They'll prepare something special for you and play their legendary album Half Mute on May 10th at les ateliers claus.
Presales are possible via our agenda/the event page.

1980: San Francisco band Tuxedomoon release their debut album Half-Mute, which immediately establishes them as one of the leading avant-garde pop bands.

2016: thirty-six years, dozens of releases and hundreds of shows later, Tuxedomoon’s original members, Steven Brown, Peter Principle and Blaine Reininger, joined by Luc van Lieshout and Bruce Geduldig, get together to revisit Half-Mute and perform it on a series of exclusive shows around Europe.

  • Tuxedomoon - Half-Mute

Laura Naukkarinen, aka Lau Nau is one of the most interesting names in the Finnish music scene – a singer-songwriter, producer and film music composer. Her songs are imbued with a cinematic breadth of vision and her idiosyncratic, finely honed soundworld builds on fragile, spectral otherness. Her fourth album ”HEM. Någonstans” (Fonal records 2015) takes us to the fleeting borderline between contemporary classical and experimental music. Live she will perform solo arrangements of both new and old songs with guitar, voice, sampler and toys.

  • Laura Naukkarinen

the king of the infra basses and cutter of truck driving vinyl grooves: Yann Leguay! Currently residing at les ateliers claus.

  • Yann Leguay

La Baracande is recording at les ateliers claus for the moment. The first results sounds super stunning. Come and hear it yourself this Friday 22nd January!

  • La Baracande recording

From January 18th until the end of the week, the good people of La Baracande are recording a new album at les ateliers claus.
On Friday 22nd you can hear a preview of what they're been doing with your own ear. Opening up that night is Ignatz!

La Baracande c'est la rencontre entre les musiciens de TOAD et Basile Brémaud autour du répertoire de Virginie Granouillet dite La Baracande, chanteuse collectée par Jean Dumas dans les années 1950/60.
Ces musiciens abordent frontalement une des questions fondamentales présente dans les traditions musicales du centre France qu'est la corrélation entre le Son/Timbre et la Cadence, et comment ces deux notions s'organisent pour générer ce que l'on nomme Mélodie. Ce qui les a frappé à l'écoute de Virginie Granouillet, c'est la présence immédiate de sa voix et la tension dramatique qu'elle engage. Ici, il est question de musique à écouter, musique narrative qui ne s'adresse pas à la danse mais bien à un auditeur.

Basile Brémaud / chant
Pierre-Vincent Fortunier / cornemuse béchonnet 11 pouces, violon
Yann Gourdon / vielle à roue, boîte à bourdons
Guilhem Lacroux / guitare, lap steel

  • La Baracande

Chocolat Billy in residence, recording a new album at les ateliers claus

  • Chocolat Billy

last night of the year 2015

  • Dover