Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakides + David Neaud + Intige Taluure & Truus de Groot

andy moor yannis kyriakides

Andy Moor (uk) & Yannis Kyriakides (gr) + David Neaud (b) +  Intige Taluure (b) & Truus de Groot (nl)


Doors open


Andy Moor (uk) & Yannis Kyriakides (gr)

Hailing from opposite ends of the experimental music spectrum Andy Moor (guitar) and Yannis Kyriakides (computer) have been making music together for over 10 years now .

Andy Moor is known for his unique style of guitar playing, ranging from the raucous post punk style in groups like the EX, Dog Faced Hermans, and Kletka Red and more recently Lean Left (with Terrie Ex, Ken Vandermark and Paal Nilssen Love) , to the sonic improv outings on collaborations with D J Rupture, John Butcher, Anne-James Chaton and Christine Abdelnour.

Yannis Kyriakides is a composer that strives to create new forms and hybrids of media, synthesizing disparate sound sources and exploring spatial and temporal experience. He has focused in the majority of his work on ways of combining traditional performance practices with digital media.
His has written over eighty compositions, of which recent large scale works include the multimedia operas such as, ‘The Buffer Zone’, 'Spinoza (or The Thing Like Us)' , ‘Escamotage’ (FNM Staatsoper Stuttgart) ‘An Ocean of Rain’ (Cryptic) , multimedia concert works such as ‘The Queen is the Supreme Power in the Realm’ (MusikFabrik, ZKM, Koln Triennale) , ‘Mnemonist S’ (ASKO) and ‘Dreams of the Blind’ (Ensemble MAE). Prizes have included the Gaudeamus prize in 2000 for ‘a conSPIracy cantata’, and an honorary mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2006 for ‘Wordless’ (12 sound portraits).


David Neaud (b)
David Neaud will present his new performance method with music and visuals after his residency in les ateliers claus.

David Neaud is primarily concerned with audio and more specifically with the physical properties and internal instabilities of sounds with which he makes art. Based on his low tech technology devices are sounds cobbled together with archaic mixers and primitive synthesizers. With these devices David captures vibrations to generate sound layers . The development of devices is built on a shaky technology, mastering the game in concert remains unlikely. In this, his concerts are largely open to chance and accidents, resulting in improvisation and research.

David Neaud présentera sa nouvelle méthode de performance visuelle et musicale après sa résidence aux ateliers claus.

David Neaud s’intéresse essentiellement à l’art audio et plus particulièrement aux propriétés physiques et aux instabilités internes des sons avec lesquels il joue. Basés sur une technologie low tech, ses dispositifs de concert bricolés sont des laboratoires sonores de fortune évoquant tables de mixage archaïques et synthétiseurs primitifs. Grâce à ces dispositifs, David capte et piège des vibrations afin de générer des nappes sonores . L’élaboration des dispositifs est construite sur une technologie  précaire, la maîtrise du jeu en concert reste improbable. En cela, ses concerts sont largement ouverts au hasard et à l’accident, donnant lieu à des temps d’improvisation et de recherche.