claustrum opening


inauguration claustrum + concert of Ben Bertrand (b)


Due to heavy regulations / bureaucracy we had to postpone our opening event of the claustrum. Opening on June 1st! The claustrum will be next to the La Guinguette du Parc de Forest

We’re presenting our new project called ‘claustrum’: it’s a new enclosed sound- en concertspace in the shape of a temple dome and build up in recycled/used materials. The inner shape has a geodetical shape and will function as a ambisonic en spatial sound system. The aim is to create a musical entity constructed out of materials of the past to construct a musical experience of the future, wherein an artist and audience can present and experience different forms of ambisonic compositions.  

The pavilion and musical sculpture created by les ateliers claus needs 10.000 recycled plastic bottles  The structure can shelter approximately 50 people. The materials needed to develop this dome are recycled plastic and mainly loads of PET-bottles.  

We’re bundling different forces, such as people in the architectural field who work in collaboration with experts in the sound-technical segment. All in order to achieve a unique sound installation. This sound installation produces a continues 3D audio experience in a dome shaped space. We start from scratch and want to construct this one-of-a-kind musical space.  The musical technology and the way we’re listening to music is ever evolving and changing, this fact we want to couple to one of the biggest problem in our society: the (expensive) recycle problems. 

In order to fulfill this architectural and musical dream we’re collaborating with people such as Guy Van Belle from the Ipem - University of Ghent, architectural bureau OUEST and Katerina Novakova & Simon Prokop from the Faculty of Architecture CVUT Praag.

This collaboration has several important facets. There is construction of this temple-shaped plastic construction that is  - according to us - never been done in our regions. Plus, next to the construction part there’s the extra aspect of letting the dome host creative and innovative musical compositions with a state of the art musical material. This construction makes the connection between a new listening experience and the question how we’re organizing our housing situation, where we organize our cultural events and of course this all in relation with the recycling issue. 

+ presentation of our new release on les albums claus by Ben Bertrand

Ben Bertrand is armed with a bass clarinet and backed with sound effects, aiming in the direction of the contemporary classical section of your record collection. Dreamlike compositions that take you to his warm and minimal world. In the musical sauna, Ben Bertrand sits in between Gavin Bryars and Jon Hassell. For ‘les albums claus’, Ben Bertrand made 5 compositions overflowing in a musical crescendo, unfolding it’s character and talent in an unified primitive/futuristic sound combining features of world ethnic styles with advanced electronic techniques.

Ben Bertrand was influenced by fellow minimalists such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley, and in his work, he combines simple musical patterns, offset in time, to create a slowly shifting, cohesive whole. He makes use of his clarinet - effects and loop pedals - to construct modal, hypnotic grooves, over which he plays microtonally-inflected clarinet phrases. The use of loops permits to phase patterns on which simple and audible processes let him explore musical concepts. Rich harmonies are built, always increasing in density, before the whole thing gradually fades out leading the auditor back on earth.

This debut album comes out on vinyl and cd in a limited edition of 300 copies. All compositions are made and played by Ben Bertrand solo.
The design has been made by Dutch graphic designer Zeloot (New Yorker, DeMorgen, VrijNederland) and has been silkscreened.

this event is part of Parcours d'Artistes St-Gilles & Vorst