Knotwilg 2020

Knotwilg festival with The Futurians (nz) + Eruk Dahl (fr) + Monokultur (s) + P. Wits (nz) + Lostsoundbytes (b) + Jericho (fr) + Cucina Povera (uk) + Komodo Kolektif (uk)

The Futurians (nz) It's no secret I am a sucker for everything which comes from NZ. But even so, I still need to be convinced and The Futurians did this for ages with shitloads of cassettes, cdr's and vinyl. They have been on my longlist for more then a decade so I am extremely proud to be able to present them. Call it what you want, surfnoisepostpunknowaveindustrial. I don't care, they rock!!! Cosmic punk vibes galore. It's like listening to a bastard son/daughter of Monks/Sonic Youth/Dark Vader/Unsane.

Eruk Dahl (fr)

The Krautdub cassette was my first introduction. Just the title pulled me towards it. And boy, does it deliver... Kind off lo-fi dub, with Middle East and instrumental hiphop accents. All in a slow moody vibe reminiscent of Jay Glass Dubs early explorations, or even very early Scorn. Another cassette simply titled "le" which contains live recordings that proved no wrong. More uptempo tribal vibes which should get your hips gently shaking. Fans of Don't Dj, Harmonious Thelonious, Weird Dust, Bear Bones Lay Low will certainly dig this.

Monokultur (swe)

Monokultur is a duo consisting of Elin and Julius usually making up 2/4 of the wonderful Skiftande Enheter. Turning their backs on the hard-working mothership for a brief moment. Just as sprawling and diverse, the duo's take on restless but minimal postpunk is as confusing and fucked as it is intriguing. Much of it is soaked in a hazy, dubby ambience.

P. Wits (NZL)

Not your average New Zealand sound. Performing in several constellations such as Altamont Young, Psychik Witch and running the highly influential Independent Woman Records label. All this in a DIY style bookmarking/documenting another NZ generation to haunt your souls. There is no surrender to the beautiful layers of noisy, thick melodic guitar-riffs blasting through the speakers. Drenched in slow postpunkmetalriffs which can easily be targeted towards Black Boned Angel/O'Malley/Om fans. But also with respect towards for instance Jack Rose/Fahey adepts as some of his output suggests. Prepare yourself for a heavy guitarmongers set though. Keep your earplugs at home and just float along. No need for tattoos to headbang on this:)

Cucina Povera (fin/scot)

Glasgow based Finish vocalist getting to a solo vocal choir kind of ambient. Very minimal field-recordings waved in with the strength of her voice. A voice which sometimes goes acapella with shivers down your spine as result. Her 2019 album Zoom been awarded lots of attention. And so here is your chance to get into meditation and leave the silence only be disturbed by this fairytale voice. Reference points might be Laurie Anderson, Meredith Monk but a bit more angelic.

Lostsoundbytes (B)

Brussels based Lost Soundbytes brings you deeper into its very own sonic world. A foggy trip guided by ghosts of experimentations in anarchic areas.

Jericho (FR)

From secular and devotional Occitan musical repertoires, Jericho's music is constituted as a popular oratorio in which body and voice are set in motion. The raw sound is perceived as a prerequisite, from which we imagine the paths which bring the meeting of the song (not measured) with rhythmic melodic patterns, thus creating a space offered to the listener.

Komodo (uk) Native instrumentation including gamelan sarons etc combined with contemporary dance vibes from Glasgow.  No rain in sight, only introspective layers of synths backed with pulsating rhythms.
Percussion might be the key word here.  A deep hypnotic journey with a focus on their Indonesian gamelan instruments, wall-shaking baselines and trance-inducing percussion. A dual focus on tribal primitivism in
parallel with a futuristic vision of the possibilities provided by their vast arsenal of electronic gear and processors, the overall outcome has produced something well beyond 'world music' that is as darkly profound as it is unique. Welcome to this wonderful phantasie world were nothing seems to be like in real life.