Maher Shalal Hash Baz Oona Libens + Le Ton Mité : Conférence

Maher Shalal Hash Baz (jp) + Oona Libens (b) + Le Ton Mité (usa) : Conférence

a concert as they should be, a conference as they could be and a scientific presentation as would be.

Maher Shalal Hash Baz (jp)
Tori Kudo
Reiko Kudo
Hiro Nakazaki
Yuzo Iwata

The name Maher Shalal Hash Baz comes from The Book of Isaiah, meaning plunder quickly. Tori Kudo, their conductor and band leader, fuses stray elements of pop, folk, jazz and experimental music into pieces of candid musical gestures.Bassoon, guitar, drums, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, glass percussion, organ, rocks and sticks are expanded by a sophisticated counter-repetition technique into an extensive tonal range of colors; the effect is at turns serene, dissonant, enchanting, crisp, spacious and maddeningly catchy. The future of music on Planet Earth.

Maher Shalal Hash Baz is an ensemble of variable size, based on the sacred & secular compositions of Tori Kudo. Finely orchestrated notations on flowers, interweaving wind arrangements suggesting the passage of bullet trains, reflections on the imperfections in what may have been created as a perfect world... Mistakenly refered to as naïve, "primitive" may be a more correct adjective, an allegory with the Flemish Primitive movement: like the mastery of painters such as Bruegel or Bosch,  Kudo uses notes and available musicians to describe the complexities of his and invariably, our, lives instead of paint and canvas,. Much in the same vein as the Northern Renaissance painters, the personal messages become universal.
Maher Shalal Hash Baz started in the mid 1980's as Kudo and a co-worker discovered shared musical tastes and the resulting musical excersizes invariably colored buy the mesmerising cadence of Reiko Kudo's voice. The humble beginnings of this project, belie the current cult status here in Europe and it's contemporary importance in the hierarchy of Japanese underground music. 
In March 2018 Tori Kudo will be back among us, with an unknown number of compatriots, supported by local musicians associated with the group Le Ton MIté from Brussels.

Oona Libens (b) presents you the meaning of time in a way you've never seen or thought was possible. 

In this show Oona Libens tries to answer the questions: What is Time? Has it always
existed? How does it look like? and Can we stop it?
It is a combination of quotes from experts in the field and her own reflections on the
topic. This semi-scientific lecture is illustrated live with slide projections, light and

 Le Ton Mité (usa) : Conférence (or is it a comedy of errors)

Otherwise titled "How not to manage a musical project" 
This multimedia presentation traces the ups & downs 
of the twenty year long history of Le Ton Mité. Featuring rare archival photos, sound samples, videos & live performance, presented by McCloud Zicmuse (in English).

Born in Arkansas in 1998 & based in Brussels for the last 10 years, LE TON MITÉ has toured, transformed & immigrated across the globe as a musical soundtrack of the voyages & adventures of  McCloud Zicmuse. Part chamber pop ensemble, part mideval sect, part backing band, part contemporary dance troupe, expect anything: the wind section becomes a chorus of guitars & voices, silence is louder than sound, fireworks fail to ignite, a dance party erupts... On this tour McCloud will present a quick overview of the project's 20 year history, with excerpts from the latest recording : "Passé Composé Futur Conditionnel" (released last year on the mythic Made to Measure series of Crammed Discs) with the help of of multiple voices, guitars, saxophones, clarinettes, keyboards, recorders & perhaps even a musical saw.

Doors open