Sister Iodine + Raymonde IV + Qonicho B


Sister Iodine (fr ) + Raymonde IV (fr) +  Qonicho B (fr) 

Doors open

O yes, a complete French night. It happens. We'll do the presentation in Flemish to balance it out. 3 of our favorite French musical acts. Very different from each other if we talk about style, but still they can & should please every pointy musical lover. Don't miss this quoi.

Sister Iodine 

French pioneer experimental rock band formed in the early 90's by Lionel Fernandez, Erik Minkkinen and Nicolas Mazet, SISTER IODINE is a rare band who with "Blame" is releasing only now their 5th studio album. Originally born on the ashes of no wave, their music searches through some sort of terminal confusion between rock and chaos; colliding to original raw and atonal no wave, their primitive love of noise music, eruptions and assaults coming from free music; tapes collage, a bitter moisture humected in industrial music, and maybe even poisonous climaxes taken from black metal influences...

Qonicho B!
Blanche Lafuente : Batterie
Nina Garcia : Guitare
Morgane Carnet : Saxophones

"Musique improvisée, qui frappe, qui vrille, qui s'harmonise, qui se lance, déroule ou retombe. Trois musiciennes issues des scènes impro et noise parisiennes."

Thibaut de Raymond aka Raymonde (Raymond IV when playing on a quadriphonic set-up) is based out of Lyon, France; He’s the founder and curator of the cassette-label Mus Joutra. Besides a release on his own imprint «Trilo IV & Percussion», collaborations with percussionist Plein Soleil (La Société Étrange) under the moniker of Pan Pan Pan and now Gong Bong, he made his vinyl debut on Lyon-based label Zèbres Records with the EP «J’aime bien le Tonnerre» (February 2017).
He has also worked for choregraphers during Lyon’s last Biennale de la Danse; His work features etudes on voodoo polyrhythm, african percussions and instruments as well as experimental hip-hop, mainly via tapes as a basis to build upon and play with during live performances. He’s taking care of a bimestrial show on LYL Radio called «La Nostalgie du Souffle»;
He has played along Black Zone Myth Chant, the BFDM label, C_C, Les Maîtres Fous, Salsa, Jean Bender. 

 Thibaut de Raymond aka Raymonde is coming to les ateliers claus to record his forthcoming album on Brussels finest imprint VLEK