Gore (nl) + Jesus is my son (b)


Gore (nl) + Jesus is my son (b)


                                                versie in het nederlands onderaan


Exile On Mainstream is excited to announce the impending release of 'Revanche', by Dutch instrumental/technical rock/metal outfit, GORE. By no means a new al'Hart Gore' LP. Despite raving press, 'Lifelong Deadline' failed commercially, even more so because the band itself saw it as a complete failure. What should have become GORE’s magnum opus turned out to be an over-produced, rudderless monstrosity, over the top, out of balance, and with zero impact. Still, GORE remained on the road supporting 'Lifelong Deadline' for over three years, tearing down each and every stage they performed on, which proved how well the album actually could have turned out.


This suspicion lingered for quite some time until 2016 when guitarist Johan van Reede finally decided to reconstruct 'Lifelong Deadline' after more than twenty-five years since its original release, showcasing how vivid these songs still are. Although dysfunctional the band decides to give the album a complete overhaul, to start from scratch, bringing the album to new life. In order to achieve a truly competitive production the band decides to bring in Terry Date (Slayer, Pantera, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot) to handle the final mixes as well Howie Weinberg for the mastering. And so, GORE’s 'Lifelong Deadline' has now been transformed into GORE’s 'Revanche'.



Jesus Is My Son is the contemplative solo project by the experimental guitarist Grégory Duby.

He is active in the field of noisy and improvised music, living and composing in Brussels. During 10 years, he played in the noise rock trio K-branding. He has played with experimental musicians such as Olivier Toulemonde and Ben Bertrand. In Jesus Is My Son, he emphasizes with his electric guitar the silence within melodies. Beside his activities as a musician, he owns the label FF HHH and manages with two friends Mandaï Distribution, an international independent distributor of alternative music.

Jesus Is My Son contains elements of minimalism, folk music and contemporary music, as well as compositions based on ambient, oriental and medieval music. Aspiring to create melancholic and naked music, Grégory Duby's influences range from Erik Satie to Derek Bailey via Popol Vuh and Loren Connors. Jesus Is My Son invites the audience to listen contemplatively to the electric guitar.

Tout a une fin (même l'amour) (which would translate into Everything has an end and so has love) is the 4th album by Jesus Is My Son. 


De grote doorbraak van Gore kwam er met het album 'Hart Gore' in 1986. John Peel nodigde hen voor 2 sessies uit. Theo 'at rock' van Eenbergen was producer, naast zijn job als geluidsman bij Henry Rollins.  Vandaar ook een split lp met beide bands. Er volgde nog een derde lp geproduced door Steve Albini. De opnames van hun vierde lp ging volledig de mist in op de mengtafel. Dit werk wordt na 25 jaar opnieuw gedaan. Tijd voor 'revanche'.



Jesus Is My Son is het  the solo project van de  guitarist Grégory Duby. .Hij is actief in de wereld van de noise en de improviserende muziek.  Speelde samen met creatievelingen zoals Olivier Toulemonde en Ben Bertrand. In Jesus Is My Son, he emphasizes with his electric guitar the silence within melodies


Jesus Is My Son beweegt zich tussen minimalisme, folk en hedendaagse muziek met composities gebaseerd op ambient, oosterse en middeleeuwse muziek.

De invloeden gaan van Erik Satie naar Derek Bailey via Popol Vuh en Loren Connors.  

Tout a une fin (même l'amour) is het 4de album van Jesus Is My Son.