les bookings claus


we're helping the following artists in their concert bookings, residencies or other artistic questions. This section will be updated soon 

Ben Bertrand (b)
Caroline Profanter (it)
Devin Brahja Waldman (usa)
Farida Amadou (b)
Geoffrey Burton (b)
Holsen & Cassiers (b/no)
Humbros (fr)
Ignatz (b)
Merope (b/lt)
Miaux (b)
Mary Lattimore (usa) 
Norberto Lobo (pt)
O Yama O (uk/jap)
Senyawa  (ind)
Thurston Moore (usa)
Will Guthrie Nist-Nah (fr/aus)
Wojciech Rusin (pl/uk)


please get in touch if you have a question:

tommy@lesateliersclaus.com or martin@lesateliersclaus.com