Terrine + Charlotte Leclerc + Femina Bergs

Terrine (fr) + Charlotte Leclerc (fr) + Femina Bergs (fr)

TERRINE ( Bruit Direct, Third Type Tapes / FR ) 
Claire Gapenne, an artist and musician, performs in TERRINE develops spontaneous and immediate music. Passionate about the arts, she has been part of the experimental scene since 2012, notably in the industrial rock band Headwar with whom she discovered other ways of performing music. Now it is about simple and violent anti-techno. Terrine might sound like this HERE
1985 > She will play her last album.  
When Charlotte proposed me to write these words, I’d been listening to her record for weeks. We’ve had in-deep conversation about her synthesizers, the line was clear: the text would be about analog synthesizers.
Bye-bye 70s female pioneers, welcome new breed. Young Marble giants is around. 

FEMINA BERGS ( Scum your earth / fr ) 
1980. Since 2007 , jcd improvise under different project ( Scenes from Salad, black lagoya, bülanz orgabar, molière, K7 Straub… ) a kind of schizoid lounge musique. Use tapes, homemade oscillators, looper and daily moods. Also very active during x years by organizing gigs in Paris. Noisy dada pop. 
His last album is here

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Terrine + Charlotte Leclerc + Femina Bergs