we host Jesus is my son, for a 2 days recording session - mixing session to follow.

his next album will be out on matamore label

One of my favorite concerts of the year! if you missed it, please check out the music of Richard Dawson!

some souvenirs from the expo in our appartment @ Rue Crickx during Art Brussels.

© 2014 Sven Laurent - Let me shoot for you

© 2014 Sven Laurent - Let me shoot for you

RECORDS STOLEN / DISQUES VOLéS pls SHARE / merci de partager ce message. On sunday morning I got robbed in the metro station Rogier in Brussels. They took a black record bag from the brand "addict" full of very rare and hard to find mostly Indian and a few Turkish/Lebanese records.

Here a few records which were in:

  • Ihsan Al Munzer – Belly Dance Disco
  • Kalyanji Anandji* / Biddu – Qurbani In English
  • Usha Iyer – You Set My Heart On Fire 
  • VA - Shik Shak Shok
  • Ananda Shankar and his music
  • Babla – Babla's Non-Stop Disco Dandia (part II) (Film Instrumentals)
  • Babla – Babla's Non-Stop Disco Dancing
  • Babla – Babla's Disco Sensation
  • Kalyanji Anandji – Sultanat
  • Musarrat & Mahendra Kapoor – M3 Disco Fantasy In Hindi 
  • RD Burman - Wanted
  • Kalyanji Anandji – Janbaaz (rare instrumental versions)
  • Wolf Müller – Lagerfeuer Tanz
  • Wolf Müller – Balztanz
  • Airto – Virgin Land
  • RD Burman - Deewaar (Malaysia press)
  • R. D. Burman / Majrooh Sultanpuri - Zamaane Ko Dikhana Hai
  • R. D. Burman – Boxer 
  • R.D. Burman* – Jawaani
  • Kalyanji Anandji* – Don
  • Kalyanji Anandji* – Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (Original Soundtrack)
  • Kalyanji Anandji* – Bombay 405 Miles (Original Soundtrack)
  • Kalyanji Anandji* – Vidhaata
  • Various – Psych Funk Á La Turkish Vol. 2
  • Various – Psych Funk Á La Turkish Vol. 1
  • Omar Khorshid – Guitar El Chark

+ around 25 7inches from India
RD Burman, Bappi Lahiri, Usha Iyer, Kalyanji Anandji, Turkish Disco Folk..

if you see any of these in a shop in Belgium or close by, please let me know asap. I will reward gratefully for any hint that helps to find back my records which are of a very high emotional value to me. I brought almost all of them from a recent digging trip in India... thank you

Great shows by illil, thurston moore, andy moor and anne james chatton

Our friend René aka dj Godeville passed away.

He shared a ton of music with us, friendship, jokes and wisdom.

He'll be missed!