Eiko Ishibashi + Mark Fell / Will Guthrie

Eiko Ishibashi (jap) + Mark Fell & Will Guthrie duo (uk/aus)

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schedule: doors: 20u - Eiko Ishibashi 20u30 - Mark Fell & Will Guthrie 21u30

Eiko Ishibashi is a Japanese multi-instrumentalist whose work has ranged from acclaimed singer-songwriter albums to scores for film, television, theater and exhibitions to improvised music.

Since she launched her solo career in 2006, she has released numerous albums on labels including Drag City, Black Truffle, and Editions Mego. Her sixth full-length album "The Dream My Bones Dream", released in 2018, was selected as one of the best albums by many magazines.

In 2020, she was commissioned to create music for art and photography exhibitions, such as The Art Gallery of New South Wales’ "Japan Supernatural" exhibition at Sydney, and the “Memory of Future” exhibition at Mandako coal mine in Kumamoto, Japan.

She branched out into film composing in 2016, creating the score for the film "Albino's Tree" directed by Masakazu Kaneko, which won the Best Music Award at the Cinalfama Lisbon International Film Awards. In 2019, she composed the music for the anime "Mugen no Juunin – IMMORTAL -".

The score she composed for Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s 2021 film "Drive My Car" garnered international attention and was later arranged into an album released in the same year, incorporating sound effects from the film.

This year, she announced her new LP, titled “For McCoy” released from Black Truffle in January, and her radio residency on a global radio platform NTS Radio.


Mark Fell and Will Guthrie join forces for the second time this year with ‘Diffractions’, the 2nd in a two part series released via the new NAKID label set up by Koshiro Hino of Goat / YPY fame. On 'Diffractions' the pair push ever deeper into percussive R&D informed/inspired by Gamelan and Carnatic musics - massively tipped if you’re into anything from Autechre’s Confield-era abstractions to Milford Graves’ fluid drumming or even the insular soundworld of The Necks.

Rhythm has always been central to Fell’s work, from his icy, repetitive minimalist excursions with SND to his legendary run of unashamedly funked abstract house experiments as Sensate Focus. Here, he continues to excavate that rich seam with an ongoing collaboration with Aussie percussionist Will Guthrie; “Diffractions” pushing both artists’ interests into sharper detail, toying with polyrhythms and unusual tuning to uncover a suite of transformative fidget spins and sonic storm clouds.

“Diffractions” features another two lengthy pieces of future-facing percussive abstractions that blur the line between synthetic and organic. Taking the influence of gamelan and fusing it with the heaving computer music that Fell has obsessively picked-at over the last four decades, the duo here zoom into a sound that’s almost effortlessly engaging; each piece is almost twenty minutes in length but they shift and mutate into polyrhythmic outer-realms and eerie universes of microtonality that are hard to fathom in one sitting.

There are trace echoes of free jazz hanging from the rafters, the post-everything clatter of Humcrush and Food drummer Thomas Strønen’s mind-expanding solo material or even Autechre at their most confounding. The genius here is that just when you convince yourself that this music could only possibly have been generated by a computer, Guthrie’s unmistakably human flex edges into focus - playing with your perception - your expectations - in the most bold, innovative way imaginable. Basically, this record fucking rules.





Eiko Ishibashi is een Japanse multi-instrumentalist wiens werk varieert van veelgeprezen singer-songwriteralbums tot partituren voor film, televisie, theater en tentoonstellingen tot geïmproviseerde muziek.

Sinds ze haar solocarrière in 2006 lanceerde, heeft ze talloze albums uitgebracht op labels als Drag City, Black Truffle en Editions Mego. Haar zesde full-length album "The Dream My Bones Dream", uitgebracht in 2018, werd door veel tijdschriften geselecteerd als een van de beste albums.

In 2020 kreeg ze de opdracht om muziek te maken voor kunst- en fototentoonstellingen, zoals de tentoonstelling 'Japan Supernatural' van The Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney en de tentoonstelling 'Memory of Future' in de Mandako-kolenmijn in Kumamoto, Japan.

Ze begon in 2016 met filmcomponeren en creëerde de score voor de film "Albino's Tree", geregisseerd door Masakazu Kaneko, die de Best Music Award won tijdens de Cinafama Lisbon International Film Awards. In 2019 componeerde ze de muziek voor de anime "Mugen no Juunin - IMMORTAL -".

De partituur die ze componeerde voor Ryusuke Hamaguchi's film "Drive My Car" uit 2021 kreeg internationale aandacht en werd later in hetzelfde jaar gearrangeerd tot een album met geluidseffecten uit de film.

Dit jaar kondigde ze haar nieuwe LP aan, getiteld 'For McCoy', uitgebracht door Black Truffle in januari, en haar radio-residentie op een wereldwijd radioplatform NTS Radio.

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