Les Albums Claus

les albums claus is the in-house publication label of les ateliers claus. Each release has not only a musical importance, but the object itself contains as much value as its contents - whether this is a vinyl box, flexi disc, book or postcard. Each publication consists of at least one object with a proper artistic finality, blurring the lines between music, sound, visual and conceptual art.

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    •    (lac001) Kapotski - Triple Deck
    •    (lac002) Peter Fengler - 3rd Generation AR
    •    (lac003) Peter Keene - Coffee Randomizer
    •    (lac004) Matthieu Ha - Riorim CD / LP
    •    (lac005) Shetahr - first date 7inch
    •    (lac006) ilill - LP
    •    (lac007) Chris Corsano & Pak Yan Lau LP
    •    (lac008) Bear Bones, Lay Low - 7inch
    •    (lac009) Kankerkommando - tape
    •    (lac010) les Mutants Maha - LP
    •    (lac011) Ben Bertrand - ngc 1999 - LP/CD
    •    (lac012) Christophe Clébard - Honte - LP
    •    (lac013) Dntel - Hate in My Heart - LP 
    •    (lac014) Caroline Profanter - Geistermusig - CD
    •    (lac015) Ben Bertrand - Mazes - LP/CD
    •    (lac016) Joao Lobo - Simorgh - LP/CD
    •    (lac017) Dntel - The Seas Trees See - LP/CD
    •    (lac018) Senyawa - Alkisah - LP - release date 20th February 2021
    •    (lac019) Senyawa - Alkisah Remixed by Sagat, Celine Gillain, Tolouse Low Trax, Sugai Ken, Dntel


Our releases are available at les ateliers claus or our online store. You can also send an e-mail to info@lesateliersclaus.com with ordering instructions. Don't hesitate to tell your local record supplier about les albums claus, so he can get in touch.


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