Fri 24 March 2023

asmus tietchens + Eve Aboulkheir + Bl13p


Asmus Tietchens is a German electronic music pioneer who started his career in the 60s with intellectual & atonal musical exercises. The compilation "Adventures in Sound" (Die Stadt, 2003) enables to rediscover this period. In the 70s he met the artist and composer Okko Bekker. They first started their collaboration in "Cluster & Eno" (for the track "one"). They are also members of Liliental (Dieter Moebius side project). Tietchens launched his own musical production thanks to a contract with Sky records. Four albums will be recorded. "Biotop" (1981) and Spät-Europa (1981) feature agitated electronic textures, psychedelic drones and some nice acoustic orchestrations. Litia (1983) represents a much more commercial but still innovative essay, introducing Tietchens on ambient pop, electro house territories. In the end of the 80s Asmus Tietchens released many electronic live performances with the experimental multi-media artist Thomas Köner. Since 2003 he also has collaborated with the American drummer Jon Mueller.

Eve Aboulkheir (fr)

Opening tonight the ultra-fine electronic universe of young French and former Brussels resident electronic composer Eve Alboukheir, former resident of Villa d'Arson. An invitation to a journey of infinitesimal braindance, an ode to the sonic presence in the world and a manifesto for contemporary care.

les ateliers claus

doors: 20:30