Fri 19 April 2024

lyl brussels x montage : dviance, justin, thelma cappello

The LYL Radio Brussels team is delighted to announce the return of our annual Spring Camp. This time over two days, warmly received by Roman Hiele at Les Ateliers Claus with MONTAGE on friday, and for our usual open-air party on Saturday.

DVIANCE is an electronic music project based in Brussels, evolving since 2016 around "guitaristic" and electronic influences such as Fennesz or Jesu, as well as the soundtrack universe of Takeshi Kitano films or Silent Hill. Collaboration is an important part of his work, including Lauren Auder, salome, Boris and Clams Casino. Using computer and guitar as his main medium of expression, DVIANCE is a perpetual search for the visceral, ecstatic intensity of melody mixed with dissonance and abrasion. Worshipping the "wall of noise" and club subwoofers, ambient drone and post-rock in a narrative and emotional format.

Justin (DE)
Justin is a Berlin-based sound artist working mostly with textures, frequencies & varying levels of intensity. In Justin’s livesets, detailed sonic landscapes become experimental frameworks to explore the tension/duality between immediate presence and the solace of narrative arcs.

Thelma Cappello (FR)
Thelma Cappello is a Shakespearean botanist. In the musical piece she takes us to, a court camouflages or mutates into an English garden. Her work’s evolutivity crosses over pre-existing and exclusionary categories. Through including many milieux, she makes layers rhyme with ailleurs. But let’s use this image: a larger than life theater one would want to hear through a microscope. Her vocal technique blurs the eyes and then reveals desire paths leading to unforeseen clearings.

On-site price 12€, online 2-days pass 20€ :

Artwork by Laura Conant 🌸

les ateliers claus

doors: 20:30



On-site price 12€, online 2-days pass 20€